Jane Hampton Cook

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"My passion is to bring history to life in a way that is real and relevant to modern readers and viewers."

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Jane Hampton Cook speaks on her book, American Phoenix

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Audience Response

You left everyone wanting more. Your program was informed, insightful and well researched. Your charismatic delivery engaged the audience as demonstrated in the question and answer segment.  We all have enjoyed your  book and appreciate the level of detail and perspective that you have brought to this compelling story." National Park Service Ranger

Actually, "stirring" was just one of the appropriate words I could have used about her address Saturday (Nebraska Right to Life). It was also informative, challenging and refreshing. She speaks like a writer: organized, concise and skilled as both a wordsmith and storyteller. And the subject of her talk -- those heroic virtues and noble purposes of the such Founding Fathers as George Washington, Samuel Adams and John Adams which need to be embraced by pro-life advocates in our era -- well, that provided plenty of inspiration too." Denny Hartford, Vital Signs Ministries

Jane has been called 'the next generation Doris Kearns Goodwin' because 'her grasp of history is breathtaking.' She is a fresh voice and a fascinating storyteller. " Pam , Washington , D.C.


ational media commentator and award-winning author Jane Hampton Cook brings history and biographies to life, making them memorable and relevant to today's news, current events, politics, issues of faith, and modern-day life. Jane is the author of nine books,

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