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"I was taught that failure was the worst thing that could happen to me. And then I failed--a lot! Eventually I realized that out of each failure comes the opportunity to rise to the next level in life"

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  • Fear Ain’t Nothing but a 4 Letter Word!

  • Self-Esteem Comes From DOING Esteemable Acts!

  • You Can't Change What You Can't See!

  • Lions, Tigers & Friends: Landmines When Playing in the Social Media Sandbox!

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“As an avid conference fan…Francine is truly in the top 1% of great motivational speakers. She joins with her audience and touches the hearts and souls of the listeners. Her message is universal and embraces humor and joy…Francine’s message..triggered a chain of events that not only cemented one the best events our agency ever sponsored but created a cascading effect.”
Maureen Keating, PCC-S, LICDC
Director of Women & Family Services
Community Health Center
Akron, OH


Some people talk about getting things done. Other people actually get things done. Francine Ward strikes that delicate balance between being a visionary with an idea and a mover and shaker who turns it into something bankable.

Each of the following roles of lawyer, entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, philanthropist, and marathon runner signifies a commendable achievement for any individual, but together, they form an extraordinary list of credentials for one person to attain. And when the person who fits the bill is formerly a drug-addicted, alcoholic prostitute, the magnitude of their accomplishments is astonishing.

Francine Ward is that person, and her story is compelling. The story of a woman who not only overcame extreme adversity to lead a life of triumph, courage, and success, but who has chosen to turn back and consistently help others create amazing lives as well.

But it's not just about her story. Ms. Ward comes to the table with a unique blend of competencies making her a viable choice for almost any event. As a businesswoman, she knows what it's like to run her own company, manage staff, and deal with day-to-day issues that arise. As a Georgetown educated lawyer, she understands the importance of protecting her valuable intellectual property. She also possesses the hard core skills often required to make tough business decisions and the ability to negotiate when necessary. As a business coach, she grasps the need for effective and appreciative listening skills. As someone who lived many lives, it's been said that, "she has the uncanny ability to understand the human condition at a very deep level." Finally, as a professional speaker, she has the skill to effectively put her thoughts and feelings into words, creating images in a way her varied audiences can understand.

Francine Ward's philosophy is simple, but profound: set a goal for where you want to be, create a plan for making it happen, don't let obstacles get you down, ask for help along the way, and baby step your way to success!

Other Inspirational Work

Francine Ward is dedicated to helping others. She sits on the board of the National Council on Alcoholism and Other Drugs--Bay Area, is an active Rotarian, and volunteers with a number of community service projects that involve abused women, at risk kids, and teen girls.

PO Box 1182 Franklin, TN 37065   615-775-7957