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Signature Quote

"I may have a hearing loss, but my hearing loss does not have me!"

Inspirational Reading

"Without a doubt, Justin was the most engaging, motivational, and inspirational speaker we have ever had, and we have had many speakers over nine years!  I would highly recommend Justin to be your next inspirational speaker."

Terry Bedard, President (Hear Here Hartford) 

Audience Response

"Justin's presentation is one of the best and one of my favorite presentations that we have had in the full 5 years I have been here. He is truly a great inspiration!"

Gregg McArthur - CEO (St. George Chamber of Commerce) 

Speech Topics

  • Freedom from Fear and Limitations

  • Discovering your Strengths

  • Making Life a Mission, not an Intermission

  • Changing Habits & Standards

  • Overcoming Challenges & Adversity

Sample Video

"Justin's story is inspiring on many levels! He has an innate desire to give back to others - and this is what makes Justin stand apart from the ordinary presenter. No matter what, he leaves you smiling, feeling special, and inspired!"

Karen Murphy - President Quota International Inc


Justin was born with a severe/profound hearing loss.  Diagnosed at the age of 2 with a 90% hearing loss and after 12 years of intense speech and listening therapy, he can now speak with passion and through modern-day technology, hear with conviction. Considering the fact that he was a couple years behind his peers, he has shown through intense dedication, mental toughness and physical exertion, that nothing can stop him from going after his dreams.


Despite living with a profound hearing loss, Justin pressed forward with a perfect brightness of hope and a love for all humanity.  Even after being told by doctors, teachers and professionals that he would never play a musical instrument, he went on to play the violin, viola, piano, and drums.  He has received numerous awards such as the prestigious sterling scholarship in music, academic scholarships, honorary achievements, and many athletic titles in soccer, football, basketball, and track.  He is also proud to represent the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout, and he currently has his Master’s in Business Administration.

Other Inspirational Work

Run for Hearing

Olive Osmond Hearing Fund

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