Signature Quotes

"I don't believe you can win the world's game

unless you change the world's game."

 “We’re not born winners or losers, we’re born choosers,”

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Speech Topics

  • Overcoming limitations and winning small, daily battles that compound for greater success

  • How the concept of winning vs. success at the personal level translates to organizational achievement

  • The habits practiced by elite level athletes and business people that allow them to achieve on the world stage in large scale, high stakes situations

  • How to turn struggle into strength when confronting multi-dimensional issues that require teamwork and cohesiveness.

  • The critical mindset for uniting personnel across all business units to steer the ship while celebrating diversity and recognizing individual contributions

Audience Response

Shawn was just at our school yestderday. This is the second time in two years that he presented at our school. Again his presentation was top notch and right at our kids level. He was humurous and yet got his point across. Thanks again and we will have you back again.

Bob Turner

Shawn Harper was the perfect speaker for our meeting. He tailored his speech to fit the audience and theme of our event. He conducted research prior to the speech that became critical points within his message. I could not have asked for a better keynote address to kick start our event. Shawn's ability to tie his life experiences within the NFL, life lessons he has learned and his current and future outlook were incredibly uplifting, encouraging and motivational to the entire group, including senior management. I am already making plans to use him again at our next event. Incredible Speaker!!!

Matt Walker - Director of Marketing - Cliffstar 


I have been blessed to see Shawn speak over the weekend while in Los Angeles. His message is spot on and much needed for the times in which we live. I am so proud he steps out and inspires others to step into their God given destiny. Shawn - Thank you for your inspiration, your honesty and, most of all, your love of Jesus and people. Many blessings on you, your family and all things you put your hand to.

Dessa Patton

Shawn Harper and his five siblings were raised by their single mother in Columbus, Ohio.  Greeted daily by the hard knock life, he learned to survive the trenches of a rough, impoverished south side neighborhood.  However, Shawn’s environment was not the only challenge he faced as a child. He also lives with four disabilities, including dyslexia and a speech impediment.

Teachers sneered at Shawn, blatantly telling him he was not “college material.”  Despite suffering from his disabilities, a debilitating stutter and lack of support at school, he was determined to fit in and began playing football in high school.  During his senior year, the coach at North Iowa Community College was looking for athletes who had potential, so Shawn’s high school coach recommended him. He graduated 154th (last) in his class, did not receive scholarships to assist him financially, and there were no guarantees for Shawn – but just having an opportunity at the junior college was all he needed to explode and change his entire life forever.

Shawn’s dream began at North Iowa Community College.  While playing football for the junior college, he envisioned himself playing in the National Football League (NFL).  For inspiration, he placed three letters above his headboard, “NFL”, and he continued to apply himself to his studies.  Shawn was then recruited by Indiana University (IU).  Having a successful football career at IU and graduating with honors, Shawn was drafted to the NFL and his dream became his reality.

Shawn played for several NFL teams for seven years, including the Indianapolis Colts, and is currently CEO of American Services and Protection in Columbus, Ohio.  He is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker who shares the wisdom he gained from his life experiences.  Shawn uses his “no excuses” philosophy to motivate millions of students, executives, and CEOs.  Rising to fame in the NFL and serving as a life coach, successful business owner and worldwide motivational speaker, Shawn is living proof that “a set-back is a set-up for a comeback.“

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